Monday, June 25, 2007

Week 1: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Okay, so we've seen this movie before but thought it would be fun to kick off our Motley Queue project with an old standby that we really love. We stumbled across this movie years ago but we loved it just as much upon re-watching it. I call this movie Heather's Light. It's got the same sadistic, subversive humor as Heather's but in a more shiny, candy-coated sort of way. Kirsten Dunst is the lead and she's kind of charming in her formerly fresh-faced way. Before she played a supermodel in Spiderman. A supermodel? Seriously? Isn't she about 5'6" with a snaggletooth? I found it easier to believe that a man could shoot spiderwebs out of his ass than I could believe Kirsten Dunst as a model. But I digress. Kirstie Alley is also in the movie as the pageant organizer, presumably because she spells her name in the same weird way as Kirsten, with the "i" before the "r". Don't get me started.

Anyway, this movie is a faux documentary about a small-town beauty pageant in which contestants are routinely being killed off in dramatic and hilarious ways. Anyone with half a brain can figure out who the killer is, but it's meeting the colorful townsfolk along the way that is the most fun. My favorite is the trailer park neighbor, Loretta, played by Allison Janney. She's razor sharp as a big-haired alcoholic who helps mother Kirsten Dunst after Kirsten's mom (Ellen Barkin) is injured in a trailer explosion and has a beer can permanently adhered to her right hand. (I swear some of my family members have been injured in just the same way).

Also great is one of the contest judge's, a nerdy little pervert who claims not to be a pervert but proceeds to chew lasciviously on his cigarette whenever a young girl passes him by. Hilarious.

And, sorry to the PC Police, but they use the word "retard" in this movie at least a dozen times to describe the - well - retard, played by Will Sasso. And I laughed every time I heard it. Retard. When used correctly and unexpectedly, it is one of the best words in comedy, and if that makes me a bad person then it must make you a retard.

If you have one of those lame Friday nights where all your friends are busy and you're kind of bored but not bored enough to watch Jennifer Boob Hewitt on The Ghost Whisperer, this is the movie to rent.


Jodi G said...

I LOVE this movie! I had it on VHS before I had a dvd player and now have it on DVD as well. Good stuff. Everytime I watch it I find something else to laugh at. If only a giant swan would torch the real Denise Richards........

Motley Queue said...

Oh, if only we could be that lucky.