Monday, April 7, 2008

Week 41: Sarah Silverman - Jesus is Magic

Every time I watch Sarah Silverman I feel like I've just been caught doing drugs in church. It's like wearing your brand new karma and getting a big fat stain on it that you know won't come out even if you soak it. It's much the same way I used to feel back in the day when I'd listen to Howard Stern (Hey, it happened and I'm not proud of it. No judging.) I didn't want to turn away but part of me was afraid to listen.

Jesus is Magic is a quasi-movie/stand-up routine. It's peppered with loads of musical interludes of Silverman's own writing, which are hilariously offensive. Her style is to go to ANY length for a joke. And while that makes for great entertainment from the safety of my living room, if I ever found myself, say, stuck on an elevator alone with Sarah Silverman, I'd be terrified that she'd try to make me lick her armpit or swing upside down from an elevator cable.

I'd recommend this movie if you're a fan of her standup. But if she generally offends you, steer clear because you'll be horrified. She's not afraid to take swings at anyone, especially Jews and blacks, which is pretty funny given that she's a white Jew. It was my cup of tea but I'm basically a thirteen-year-old boy when it comes to finding things funny. On a related note, if you haven't seen Silverman's song with Matt Damon she made to tease her boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel, take a look below. I could watch this all day. Enjoy.


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Anonymous said...

I loved this movie! I don't mind offensive humor though. It was great!