Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New TV Means No DVDs for Now

After ten glorious and fulfilling of watching a jaw-dropping 19" Daewoo television in all its amazing, rich, crisp and detailed wonder, Motley Husband and I finally retired that marvel of technology yesterday in favor of a 42" plasma TV that was finally purchased after much hoarding of gift cards and coupons to Best Buy. (Seriously, I thought the teenager checking me out thought it was a joke when I handed him half a dozen cards and coupons. I was his worst nightmare).

We excitedly unpacked the TV last night and set about the brain-squeezing task of training component video, s-video and audio cables from our home theater receiver to our cable box, to our DVD player, to our TV and back again. It looks like a wire monster threw up behind our TV stand.
  • Awesome: we got cable to run to the TV.
  • Crap: something is wrong with the picture. Missing a component video cable?
  • Awesome: the picture is HUGE!
  • Crap: The DVD player doesn't work. Missing cables again? Could be. We don't know.
  • Awesome: we didn't lose our DVR programs in the transition
  • Crap: I'm supposed to blog about movies and have no way to watch them without a DVD player
  • Awesome: did I mention the picture is HUGE?!

So, it's back to Best Buy for me again today to purchase an assortment of cables that might make sense of the 48 jacks on the back of the TV. Until we can get this problem solved (hopefully without breaking down and paying some snotty teenager to come hook it up for us), no posts, dear readers. I promise they'll be coming back soon. I hope.

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