Monday, November 12, 2007

Tales from the Land of Teething Babies

Sorry for the lack of posts, readers (using the plural makes me feel like I have literally THOUSANDS of readers out there. A girl can dream, can't she?)

Anyway, a teething baby and an out-of-town wedding have conspired against us and so we're a little behind on our movie-watching. Hoping to finally finish the end of Six Feet Under today/tomorrow and we'll have lots to dish about.

Crazy Billy has been absent the past few episodes and that most likely means he's been busy constructing a bomb shelter filled with weapons-grade plutonium, four-dozen hand-crocheted potholders and a box of live kittens. One can only hope.

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candisroby said...

That's right. Lily the Teether (her future WWF ring name) my now-husband and I conspired to keep your readers from enjoying another fantastic entry. Lucky for them (and I mean ALL of them) it was for but a fleeting moment. All is right with the world now. Lily can chew, we're married. Love the blog!