Thursday, March 6, 2008

Week 38: Deadwood Season 2, Disc 1

Oh, it feels good to be back in Deadwood. I missed you cocksuckers. Am I crazy or are the writers actually toning back all the cursing this season? I did not feel overwhelmed by references to c*cks and c*nts this disc. But then again, maybe they’re just building up to it.

I still think this is a great show though the convoluted plot line that involves Deadwood needing to have a mayor, sheriff, etc. in order to remain independent from the United States is so confusing that I’m completely lost. All I know is that Al Swearengen is still bad and Seth Bullock is still hot, er, good.

I must say that if I have to watch Ian McShane (as Al Swearengen) deliver one more lengthy soliloquy in his grimy union suit while he gets a bj from a prostitute, I may give up. I have seen more of that man’s saggy bags than any person should. How would you like to be the costumer on the show who gets to handle his ass-panel? You know, the person who has to make sure it looks appropriately poop-stained?

Honey, how was work today?
Oh, you know. The usual. I had to wash McShane’s filthy ass-panel by hand again.
That hand that you’re using to mix that salad right now?
Uh, yeah, I guess it is.
You’ve got, you know, something crusty on your finger there. Is that a … hair?
It’s probably best if I don’t answer.

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