Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week 39: Idiocracy

Haven't heard of Idiocracy? Oh, there's a reason for sucks. Idiocracy is a mildly (emphasis on mildly) funny comedy about a man (Luke Wilson) who is transported 500 years into the future through a bungled government experiment. What he finds is that in the future, society has been overtaken by redneck idiots who reproduced like crazy while educated yuppies put their careers and lives ahead of having children.

It's a kind-of funny premise and there were a few laughs (like in the future Fuddruckers is just called Butt F#ckers). But perhaps the funniest part of the movie is watching Luke Wilson as he realizes he's made a terrible, terrible mistake in taking this role. It's hilarious to watch him phone this one in. He seems awfully embarrassed to a part of the whole mess. And we were pretty embarrassed to be there with him.

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