Thursday, August 23, 2007

Queue Quiz: Reader Poll

The Motley Queue asks:
Our Netflix queue runneth somewhat low, and we're interested to know which movies you think we at the Motley Queue should add to our queue. My, that is a lot of usage of the word 'queue' in one sentence. Anyway, I'm interested to hear what you think we should watch.

Some recent suggestions I've received include:
Night Shift (submitted by Joyce): classic 1980's kitsch starring Michael Keaton, whom I will always love. Even though nobody ever casts him in anything anymore, which is a shame.

Class of 1984 (submitted by Doug): I'm a little scared of this one because Doug has weird tastes but I'm willing to chance it. Although when I looked it up on IMDB, it has a definite "Toxic Avenger" stench about it.


Anonymous said...

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Weeds (♥), Heartburn, The Anniversary Party, Go Tigers!, Waiting for Guffman, Freaks & Geeks(♥) ,Reno 911, BBC Office (♥), Big Lebowski.....

Andy Nowicki said...

Zero Day

Kaycee said...

I second Waiting for Guffman. Especially since it has Parker Posey in it. Christopher Guest is hilarious!!