Saturday, January 12, 2008

Week 31: The Simpsons Movie

Oh, happy day for hubby. He who named our two cats Duff and Moe after the Simpsons. He who wanted to name our first-born Apu, Smithers or Santa's Little Helper -- take your pick.

I am happy to report that The Simpsons Movie didn't suck. It was actually pretty good. I'm a fan of the show but was worried that the big-screen adaptation would lose some of the sharpness that makes the show great. Happily, it didn't. It was funny, clever and not too long. And I was happy to see that even though the creative team had full reign in the "we can do things we normally can't do on broadcast TV" department, they didn't go overboard. Although, we did giggle at seeing Bart's full-frontal nudity and Homer raising the obligatory middle finger. Marge also has the best use of a curse word since Mrs. Weasley's "You Bitch!" in the final Harry Potter book.

Could we have lived without The Simpsons Movie? Most definitely. We could also live without wine, Ruffles potato chips with sour cream dip and pork sausages [aka: a perfect night in heaven for me], but what's life without a little guilty pleasure?

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