Monday, January 28, 2008

Week 33: Big Love Season 2, Disc 2

Is there anything better than an evil Mormon? If there is, I can’t think of it. At this point in Big Love Season Two, not only do we get some delightfully evil interplay between runaway child-bride, Rhonda, and her would-be husband, the 80-year-old prophet, Roman Grant, but there is also an entirely NEW evil Mormon cult leader! Jesus Christ, pun intended! These two rival polygamy cults are setting up to battle it out Bloods and Crips style. And I can’t wait for the bloodshed. Okay, so maybe there won’t be bloodshed, but we can at least expect a few long French braids to become disheveled.

Did I mention that Rhonda is the very face of evil? She is quickly becoming my favorite character on the series because she’s so sweetly conniving. You just can’t predict who she’s going to turn on next.

It also seems like half the town – including at least one police officer -- is now aware that Bill and his family are Polygamists hiding out in the suburbs. And yet, there is no fallout from this. Does that strike anyone else as strange? It seems like someone, perhaps the officer of the law, would be more inclined to make a bigger deal out of this. But then again, maybe that’s coming on the next disc.

All I know is that if Big Love continues on this brisk pace, it’s quickly going to be my official favorite show on TV right now. Sorry, The Office. I still love you, but the writer’s strike is making it very hard on our relationship. I also love this crappy show on TLC called “Say Yes to the Dress” but that is not exactly love, more like the show I drunk-dial on my DVR. But I digress…

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