Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Week 34: Big Love Season 2, Disc 3

Dear Creators of Big Love,
I am very distressed that you have ignored my previous request to immediately end this series. I have learned through a third party that people STILL continue to be riveted by Big Love and that the series only keeps getting better into the second season.

Again, I very respectfully request that you stop airing this series. If you choose to air it in the future, I might suggest you wait until any time after November 4, which again, is just a meaningless date I picked out of a hat.

Also, please discontinue any discussion of p****amists, who again, cannot be verified to actually exist and are largely considered by many people to be just a fictional rumor.

M. Romney

PS: John McCain has seven wives, three of whom are members of Al Qaeda.

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