Monday, February 11, 2008

Week 35: Broken English

Here are two phrases on a movie jacket that virtually guarantee I’ll be renting it:

…a charming indie yarn…
…starring Parker Posey…

For the record, here are two phrases that virtually guarantee I’ll NEVER rent a movie:
…starring Vin Diesel…
…from the brilliant mind of Jerry Bruckheimer…

But I digress.

I love you, Parker Posey, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. True, I was on the fence after your wacky appearance on the season finale of Project Runway – the one in which your whole ensemble and coiffure could only be described as ‘batshit crazy.’ But then again, I remind myself, we have all had days where we woke up thinking that it would just be easier to pull on our grandma’s sunglasses and run our hair through the Kitchenaid mixer.

But I digress again.

Broken English is nearly a perfect Parker Posey vehicle. Playing a desperate, single thirty-something, we get to see Posey’s knack at portraying a woman both charming and repulsive, vulnerable and sharp-edged. And if you’re married and sometimes wax longingly at the memory of your fun single days, this movie will painfully remind you how achingly lonely singlehood could be.

Drea de Matteo stars as Posey’s best friend in the film and, well…what the hell happened to her face?! It appears that her three-pack-a-day habit has finally caught up with her…and run over her…and beat her in the face with a stick...then found a newer, sharper stick and beat her harder. Seriously…she is not looking well. In another couple of years she’s going to closely resemble one of those rawhide dog chews. Or George Hamilton, take your pick.

Dreary de Matteo aside, this movie was sweet and sad and exactly as promised: a charming indie yarn starring Parker Posey. Go rent it.

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