Monday, February 4, 2008

Week 34: Sicko

Oh, Michael Moore. Stop bumming me out.

I can’t take it anymore. I really didn’t want to watch this movie. I knew it would make me feel, well --sick-- of our crappy healthcare system and the marionette control of our government by big insurance and big pharmaceuticals.

And no surprise, I was right. Sicko is both infuriating and depressing. The film does a nice job of illuminating how other countries take the stance of preventing illness and improving the health of its citizens while we're focused on denying treatment in lieu of making bigger profits for the healthcare industry. And even though I know Michael Moore painted a very one-sided, utopian view of socialized medicine, I still wish we had it.

So, alas, I am hereby declaring my intention of moving my family to France, where not only do you get excellent healthcare, but you also get a government worker to come watch your baby each week and do your laundry. For anyone with a baby in the house, this is a BIG, BIG deal. Who even cares about getting free medical care when you can get someone to do your laundry?
While I am living out the rest of my days in France, here are the things I will miss most about America:
10. Costco
9. Twizzlers
8. Making fun of SUV drivers
7. Dwight Yoakam
6. Constant updates on Britney Spears’ every move
5. Fad diets
4. Ohio’s immaculate roadside rest stops (if you haven’t peed in one of Ohio’s gloriously clean and plush roadside bathrooms, you haven’t really peed)
3. Fair/carnival food/anything fried, greasy and on a stick
2. Sweat pants
1. Getting to feel justifiably indignant over Michael Moore movies

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