Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Week 6: Extras, Season 1, Disc 2

Okay, I still really love this show but let me just say it would be a lot funnier if I knew who random British actors were such as Les Dennis. Les Dennis, anyone? Anyone? I thought not. Apparently he's a sad-sack has-been from the British stage and screen. He's just the sort of person I hope our own Tom Cruise will grow up to be one day.

There was an episode on this disc that starred Samuel L. Jackson but sadly, never once did Mr Jackson ever scream to Ricky Gervais, "What you mumblin' about, you cracker-ass tea-drinkin' muthafucka?" Although there was a hilarious scene in which Maggie tries to hide her sambo doll from her black date, then proceeds to pantomime the black doll humping a white doll to prove she's not a racist. This is the kind of thing that went on in my rural Ohio hometown all the time. Except that no one wanted to disprove their racism. And sambo dolls were celebrated. And dating a black man wasn't even in the realm of possibilities if you wanted to keep all your teeth intact and your car un-burned. Otherwise, just the same sort of thing. Pip-pip.

PS: if you rent Extras, be advised to turn the subtitles on while you watch. We're fairly confident we missed out on half the jokes in the first few episodes because that cracker-ass tea-drinkin' mofo is a bit of a mumbler.

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